Warm up: group then:
15 air squats
10 push ups
5 burpees
Strength: DB Bench press
5×5 building. Fit in 3 rounds of db curls (10 each arm) 25/15
wod: 4 RFT
20 kb swings 53/35
10 single arm db OH squats 20/10 (5 each side)
200m run


9/27/17 Warm up: 400m run/row 7-10 reps w/pvc good mornings pass through around the world squat therapy 2x 1 min jump 10 long lunges w/twist 10 push ups   Strength: Back squat 3×5 warm up then begin at 50% of 1rm. 5×5 building to around 70-75% of 1rm. In between working sets perform 5 snatch…



9/25/17 warm up: group mobility followed by 15-12-9 of: Cal row push ups jumps squats   Skill: Tri pod to head stand to hand stand practice.   Wod 4RFT 10 Ground to OH 95/65 15 Air Squats 20 Ab Mat Sit ups   Rx+ 115/75 Core: Tabata plank hold(time permitting)   Note: Get as far…