Warm up:tbd

Strength: Db bench press
6×8 reps (building)
20 db alt curls after rds. 1,3,5.

Partner Wod: DOC
Hearts: T2B
Spades: V-ups
Diamonds: Box jumps
Clubs: HR push ups

Red Aces 20 low fives
Black Aces 20 alt burpees
Joker’s 600m row (300 each)

Monday with Bree

CrossFit 5:30pm ——————- Group Stretch Warmup 400m Row/Run Group Glute Activation w/Hip Circle —————— Strength: DeadLift EMOM 4 6 Sumo DL @75% EMOM 4 8 Standard DL @65% EMOM 4 10 RDL @55% EMOM 8 L/R 10 Single Leg DL w/KB 53/35 1min transition between each EMOM except for the SLDL R/L This is a…