Tuesday with Jim


Warm up: tbd

Bring Sally Up??

Partner wod: amrap 20
1000m row buy in then,
ascending by 1’s of:
Hang cleans 95/65 (yes full squat)
kb swings 53/35
Lateral jumps over barbell.

A completes a full round then B does the same, add a rep after each round. One works while one rests…

Wednesday with Holly

03.20.2019 Ask and you shall receive… our next Wednesday cycle will be on building pull-up strength, as many of you have been asking about muscle ups, chest to bar, and pull-ups. Warm Up: 400m run **Possibly a game– depends on turnout! Shoulder mobility/ warmup Strength: 4 Sets 8 Elevated RR 8 Shoulder Presses @ 75%…