Wednesday with Holly

Warm Up:
Plate Pass Game

Shoulder & Hamstring Mobility/ Warm Up

Pull-up chat!

Strength: 4-5 Sets
6-8 strict pull-ups or ring rows
10 band banded pull apart a
10 Bb reverse lunges/ leg

100m suitcase carry (switch halfway) (53/35) (Rx+ does waiters carry)
10 ball slams (40/25)
10 deadlifts (185/125)

Monday with Bree

4/1/19 CrossFit 5:30pm GROUP ROM WARM-UP: 2 Rounds 200 m row 5 PVC pass through 5 PVC figure 8 5 PVC squat therapy 10 commandos 10 shoulder taps 10 90/90s STRENGTH: Tricep/Chest Superset 5 rounds: 10 Band Over Head Tricep Extension 5 Rack or Ring Dips 10 Dead Bugs WOD: 3–9-15-21-15-9-3 Burpees Single Arm KB…


Tuesday with Jim


Warm up: tbd

Bring Sally Up??

Partner wod: amrap 20
1000m row buy in then,
ascending by 1’s of:
Hang cleans 95/65 (yes full squat)
kb swings 53/35
Lateral jumps over barbell.

A completes a full round then B does the same, add a rep after each round. One works while one rests…