12/11/18 Warm up: group, pvc mobility 400 run/row 15-10-5 of: air squats sit ups burpees Strength: Shoulder press Warm up to around 60% of your 1rm. Then build to a heavy triple. 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Wod: Amrap 15 In teams of 2 24 wall balls 24 sit up plate pass (together) 24 kb swings One works one…

Monday with Bree

12/10 Group Stretch 5 min Post stretch Warm-Up at 5:35 3 Rounds: 200m run/row 5 Hang Squat Cleans, empty bar 5 Muscle Over Head Press, empty bar 5 Muscle Push-Ups (10 min time cap) Band Glute Activation Strength: Back squat 2×6 @65% 1RM 4×4 @75% 6×2 @85-90% (15 min time cap) WOD Max Rounds in…

Saturday with Bree

12/8 Group stretch Warm up: TBA Hang in there🤗 WHAT: 20-minute EMOM: 5 barbell thrusters, 5 burpees over bar 115/85 HOW: You each have one minute to finish the reps. Whatever time is left in the minute is rest time. While Partner A completes the reps, Partner B is hanging from a pull-up bar. Switch…

Thursday with Holly

Thursday, December 06 Warm Up: 400m run Then, 2 sets as a class (we will move on to each movement together) 10 banded good mornings 10 banded pass throughs :45 banded forward fold 5 pushups (whatever surface you need to keep alignment) Brief barbell warmup Strength: 6-8 sets 3 sumo deadlifts @ 70-85% 5 banded…


Warm up: group, pvc mobility.

20 Alt db shoulder press 25/15
20 Alt db curls
15 Ab mat sit ups

Wod: In teams of 2
20 RFT
2 Ground to OH 135/95
6 Knees to elbow
10 Wall balls 20/14

Complete full round then switch.
One works, one rests. Split reps evenly.

Monday With Bree

12/3/18 -Group stretch -Roxane with Burpees -Group Glute activation warm up with hip circle. -Strength: Back squats 3-5 Warm up rounds, 2-5 reps per round, to 65-75% of your 1rm then, 5×2 building to a heavy double, (85-95%). Note your heaviest double, should be the 4th or 5th round. -WOD, 3 Rounds For Time: 10…

Saturday with Bree

12/1/18 CROSSFIT Group stretch Animals crawls and Musical Med balls in the basket ball gym AMRAP15 Bar Complex, increasing reps with rounds: Deadlift Hang squat clean Power clean Front squat Jerk @ 70% 1 RM clean and jerk This should be heavy, so we are more concerned with control and technique over rounds completed. Instead…