Monday with Bree

2/18/19 CROSSFIT 5:30pm group ROM Warm Up 2 rounds :20 sec Hand Stand Hold 2 Wall Walks 4 Deficit Push-Ups 6 Walking Lunges, Each Leg 8 Hip Escape Hip Circle Glute Activation STRENGTH Front Squat 5×5 @ 75% *Superset 10 Empty Bar Hang Power Muscle Snatch (High Pull Press) WOD 6 Rounds For Time: 6…

Thursday with Walker

Happy Valentines Day! Naturally there is going to be a partner workout today. Strength: bench press 5×2 WOD: teams of 2 for time: 10,000m row Split rowing into whatever increments you like as long as it’s even Think of it as a romantic boat ride with your partner; except you aren’t moving, or going anywhere…

Wednesday with Holly

Warm Up: Mobility 😍😍😍 & squat warmup 3 Sets- 8 ring rows 8 Supermans :20 hollow hold or rock Strength: 4-5 Sets •6-8 x 1.5 back squats (no bounce!) •6 x pull-ups •8 back extensions •10 banded single-legged extensions •2-3 min rest EMOM 12 1) 20 alternating single-armed KBS 2) 100m sprint 3) 8 burpees…

Monday with Bree

2/11/19 CROSSFIT Group ROM Shoulders Upper Back Wrists Ankles Quads Glutes Warm-Up: 3 Rounds Not For Time 200 m Run 4 Wall Squats 8 PVC Front Lunge 4 Dolphin planks 8 Prone spinal twist Strength: FRONT SQUAT 5×6 @ 65% 1RM *Superset-8 BB High Pulls 95/65 WOD: 5 RFT 5 Hang Power Clean @ 80%…



Bench press 5×3
DB curls rds 1,3,5

WOD: Tabata Thursday

Push ups

Air squats

Sit ups

We will be keeping individual score for each movement. Your LOWEST scoring round will be your score, so set a target number and reach it every round. Good luck!


Warm Up: 400m run Group Mobility (shoulders, thoracic twists, etc) PVC & barbell push jerk drills Strength: 4-5 Sets for Form/ Technique 3 push jerks (135/95) 5-6 strict pull-ups 8-10 GHDs WOD: AMRAP 15 Partner up! Partner A) 3 clean and jerks (squat and push or split jerk) 6 HSPU 9 burpees Partner B 100m…