Mad Monday

Warm up: 300m. row
pvc mobility
12-8-4 of
Jumping squats
push ups

Strength: Shoulder press (strict from rack)
build to a heavy single. Start w/empty barbell

Wod: Amrap 15
15 kb swings 53/35
10 burpees over barbell
15 push press 95/65

core: 30 slam balls

scale as needed, log your work!

Warm up: Trainers choice
3 rounds not for time of:
6-10 ring dips
7-10 floor press 135/95-115/85-95/65-75/55 (options)
20 alt db curls(10 each arm)
Wod: amrap 15
12 HR push ups
8 wall balls
4 DL 225/155
Note: any time left over, stretch!

7/31/17 Warm up: 400 run/row w/pvc 7-10 reps of good mornings pass through squat therapy 3x 5 med ball cleans 5 pull ups/ring row 5 push ups 10 walking lunges Strength: front squat 5-5-5 warm up then building from last week 3-3-3-3-3 Wod: Amrap 16 8 hang clean & jerks 95/65 10 back racked alt…

7/26/17 Warm up: 250m jog, 15 jumping jacks,15 air squats performed at power pole. jog back together. 2x 7 ball slams :30 hand stand hold/5 kick ups 12 walking lunges   Partner row. m/m 2000m switch @ 250m m/f 1800m switch @ 225 f/f 1600m switch @ 200   Wod: 3RFT 250m run 30 air…

Frantastic Monday

7/24/17 Warm up: 400m run/row 7-10 reps w/pvc good mornings pass through figure 8’s squat therapy Then 2x 8 wall balls 25 doubles/50 singles 10 jump squats 15 sit ups 10 alt. lunges Strength: Front squats 5×4 5-5-5 warm up then 4-4-4-4-4 Remember to start heavier then last week, building each set. Note weight used…


Warm up: 300m row mobility using foam roller then pvc work 2x 5 med ball cleans 7 push ups off med ball 10 wall balls finish w/another 300m row review wod Wod A) “Grace” 30 clean and jerks 135/95 8min cap. Wod B) 4RFT 10 kb swings 53/35 15 abmat sit ups 20 double unders/50…

Bench mark

7/19/17 Warm up: trainers choice Skill: Jump rope 3x1min rounds. Singles or doubles. Note your results and compare from last time. Review OH squats. Wod: “Nancy” 5RFT. 400m run 15 Over head squats 95/65 Note: OH squats can be relentless, scale to a weight you can manage. This may be an empty bar or an…