Class begin July 6, 2020

Hello CrossFit community, we are allowed to continue classes beginning July 6,2020 provided we follow the guidelines set forth by the county. You must enter and register through the front door. Face masks required when indoors. Our classes will be held outside where we can wod at a safe distance without masks. We are not…


Hello crossfit community. If you have not heard let me say that this past weekend the CEO and founder of CrossFit Greg Glassman began a “Shit Storm” in the crossfit world by using a Racist term and also an unacceptable reply to a letter sent to him by an affiliate owner. This outcome has led…

Covid-19 update

COVID-19 NOTICE Dear Cal Courts Community, While concerns about COVID-19 continue, Cal Courts will follow all county, state, and federal directives. At this time, Governor Newsom’s Executive Order of shelter in place is still in effect. As such, we will suspend all membership billings, including billings for any additional services and fees, effective April 30.…

Monday 3/16

Monday, 03.16.20 *Note: Classes are canceled this week. We are posting in order to help lessen the impact on your training!* Warm Up: 1000m row or 800m run 3 Sets: 10 scap push-ups 10 burpees 5 shrugs 5 power cleans 5 front squats Rest :30 Skill: Tabata pushups (20 sec on, 10 sec rest for…

Saturday with Holly

03.14.2020 Warm Up: 400m Run Footwork Shoulder mobilization as a class Skill: 8 minutes on squats and single-armed OHS WOD: 3 RFT (Team of 2*) 10 DB Power Snatches (L) (55/35#) 10 Single-armed OHS (L) 10 strict pull-ups 10 DB Power Snatches (R) (55/35#) 10 Single-armed OHS (R) 10 strict pull-ups *Partner A does 10…

Tuesday with Jim


Warm up:group

skill/strength: review cleans

Partner wod. AMRAP 20

Buy in 50 med ball sit ups (together) 20/14

Then with remaining time, A does:

9 Deadlifts 95/65

6 Hang power cleans 95/65

3 Front squats 95/65

1 Burpee

B runs 250m., then switch.

Will finish class with group mobility.

Monday with Walker

03.09.2020 Warm Up: 400m run 2 Sets: DB Complex 5 deadlifts 5 hang power cleans 5 front squats 5 shoulder presses 5 thruster :30 rest Skill: Rope Climbs (8-10 min) Strength: 10 Sets 3 weighted pull-ups Spend 5 minutes warming up to your WOD weight WOD: AMRAP 7 5 front squats (135/95) 10 burpees 200m…