Tuesday with Jim

Tuesday 9/29/20 Warm up: group 3 rds. 8 air squats 10 jumping jacks 8 push ups :30 handstand hold/plank Strength: back squats From rack, warm up to 60% of your 1rm. then 5×3 building. Wod. 4rds for time. 10 kb swings 53/35# 15 box jumps/step ups 24/20″ 20 abmat sit ups Note: Depending on air…

Thursday with Walker

Group warmup

Part A: cardio

1 mile run for time

WOD: as many reps as possible
You will have two two-minute rounds to complete as many reps as possible in a given movement. You will have one minute rest between rounds.

First movement: Back squats 45/35

Second movement: Strict presses 45/35

Last movement: Double-unders

Wednesday with Jim

Wednesday 9/23/2020 Warm up: dynamic + PVC mobility 3rds. 5 jumping jacks 5 squat jumps 5 med ball cleans 5 push ups Skill/strength: Cleans 20-25 min. review and work up to a heavy single heavier then what you will use for today’s wod. This is a skill builder so take your time while gradually building.…